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Amy made that call and went back to the cottage where she saw Rob and Tracy together. It wasn't more than 15 minute or so it seemed that the police were coming up the lane. The Peak District is a good hour to hour and a half drive away. Steve's back at home assuming Tracy did a runner because she's guilty of the assault on her father and Ken is going to have to accept it. But he's had to accept the same thing of Peter and Adam. I wonder if they'll get around to arresting every one of the family until they get the right one, whoever it is. Ken was willing to believe it was Adam but can't get his head around Tracy being guilty.

Big argument between Amy, Tracy and Rob and oh look, there's the police. Tracy tried to get Rob to run off with Amy before the cops arrive. The police did a crap job of surrounding the cottage, Rob went out the back way and they came up the front, full armed response. She confessed to attacking her father but of course she didn't. It's a diversionary tactic. Good thing she's an excellent liar, telling them she's not seen Rob at all was believable coming from her.

So...Rob took Amy off in Tracy's car but the car broke down and nobody in Weatherfield knows where the heck Amy is because she wasn't on a bus that Tracy said she was on. They now realize she must be with a convicted murderer, Rob, who wouldn't hurt Amy if his life depended on it. Mind you, his situation is precarious with thugs after him so Amy could be in danger anyway. I liked her asking him if he was sorry about Tina and his reply. He and Amy row, because she's never one to back down, is she? But she finally guessed that Tracy was arrested and stormed off on her own. She nearly came to a sticky end when a stranger tried to pick her up but Rob retrieved her. He's also discovered that Amy didn't hurt Ken like Tracy thought.

Tracy isn't really answering the police questions properly, though, fuzzy on a lot of the details. Of course...because she didn't actually do it, did she? But she's determined to keep the heat off Amy and keeps denying that she ever saw Rob. They know damn well she's lying about Rob but she's not caving in yet. Loved that Liz gave her an earful on the phone and invoking the name of Deirdre, that hurt Tracy a lot. Any other day, I'd be saying she deserved it but this time, it's a case of the girl who cried wolf. She didn't hurt her father and is only taking the blame to save her daughter.

Everyone else in the neighbourhood has Amy on their minds, too. Mary is frantic with worry and is loyal to Tracy, vowing to keep the shop up and running until such time as things get sorted. Adam is smugly crowing that he was right. Ken and Steve are both stunned that Tracy could abandon Amy, even if they aren't sure Rob is involved. We did discover one thing. Ken did redo his will and he left Tracy out because he's giving her her share now to buy the flower shop.

Ken is frantic and confused. It doesn't make sense to him that Tracy attacked him. Liz has decided to go to the court for Tracy's arraignment. So are Mary, Norris and Yasmeen who wants to see Tracy's downfall though she did put her foot in it slagging off Tracy where Ken overheard. At least Norris only brought his competition magazines. Back in the day, Blanche used to bring her sweets and some sandwiches to watch the court! Half the neighbourhood and most of her family showed up. Ken didn't end up going to court. He couldn't face it.

There was a show to watch, too. Liz was about to tear Tracy a new one because of Amy when Rob burst through the door! Amy's ok and Rob gave Tracy an alibi for the time Ken was hurt, and there's CCTV evidence apparently. No confession after all. Yasmeen's hopes for retribution were dashed. Rob's going back to prison and they're going to try to keep him safe. Meanwhile, for some strange reason, the cop in charge broke every rule in the book and let Rob in to see Tracy in the holding cell. They had 7 minutes and made the most of it. Now hands up, how many of you think Miss Tracy's going to be up the duff after that?

It doesn't solve the problem though. Who attacked Ken? I wonder how many more of the suspects from the Barlow Family the police are going to arrest before they get the right one? Who knows? But Ken went to see Tracy finally, demanding the truth. And the truth he got but did take on some of the blame. He also told her what she needed to her, calling her his daughter and told her he's giving her the money to buy the florist shop from Peter who could then buy the pub. He's starting to remember a bit more but is missing the main event.

Sinead is still harbouring a bit of resentment towards Ken isn't she? He really was pressuring her before and that's why she had the termination. I don't think Daniel knows about that does he? Terrible timing, interrupting him at work determined to have a serious talk during his 15 minute break. Like that's enough time. His solution is for them to move to Oxford, just get away together. They can go on a reccy for a week to check things out.

Speaking of resentment, Nick ended up walking a grizzly baby for a few hours overnight and ticked off that Steve was a bit late coming to pick him up and then, later, he took the opportunity for another insult because Leanne told Steve not to take the baby until later due to him wanting to focus on Amy. He's just not being reasonable, is he? Taking every opportunity to dig at Steve. Nick wants to keep Oliver for himself, doesn't want Steve to have anything to do with the baby if he had his way. He's going to push Leanne away at this rate. Then the next day, he went ahead and organized Steve to have the baby so he could make up to Leanne for being an asshole. (sorry, but he is).

Steve did take Oliver, watched by a very melancholy Michelle who's out of sorts. Oliver has a rash and is a bit under the weather but not too bad when Steve has him. Michelle is upset because Steve took Oliver to the beach. Michelle's next shot at the Rovers is to insist that Robert make hotpot, with what she remembers of Betty's recipe. Sean inherited it, I would think he'll have something to say about that and besides, hotpot hardly fits the Bistro menu, does it? She's in a snit, that's why she's done it and Robert knows it.

Sounds like she assumed he took the baby to the same beach where they scattered the ashes. Why would he do that? He didn't say if it was or it wasn't. Turns out that today's the due date for her baby and that's what has her in such a state. I can sympathise but Steve wasn't trying to hurt her. Maybe spending time with Oliver helped him a little. But Oliver has gone from a rash and a bit out of sorts to being what looks to be dangerously ill. Leanne discovered he was not sleeping, he's unconscious!

Leah came around looking for Gina who seems to have gone off somewhere. Sophie and Rosie are worried Gina will come after Sally and look who comes around the corner! Gina but Leah really made a big deal of getting her out of the way quickly. Sally is worried now and Rosie and Sophie aren't telling her anything that they know yet. Sally decided to skive off work and pretend she had to do to the dentist, in reality she's going to find Gina but she didn't have her most recent address. It's a worry, and she doesn't like not knowing where her sister is.

Sally spent the next few days quietly fretting about Gina. She tracked down the right address through the electoral register. Sally was appalled at the state of Gina's house, surrounded by old garbage. Leah came home and Sally found out that Gina is bipolar. Sally promised to be there for her and invited Gina to live with her and made sure by smashing the window so the landlord would fix the place up. The girls are not best pleased to see the arrival of the troll.

Even more unpleasant to the sisters is the prospect of Gina working in Underworld as a packer with Sally.

Maria couldn't get a cab and had to walk, or stalk on those heels, but Aidan found her and got her back in time. Just. The relief of it had an aphrodisiac effect on them both. I guess the affair is back on again. Or not. He was quite happy for the event but then backed off again, thinking she'd be expecting more from him but she knows he's not going to leave Eva. Maria's willing to take what she can get, accepting it's just going to be an affair without strings. She keeps making the wrong choice over and over. Over the road, Eva moaned about him but she's not really ready to chuck him in either, no matter what Sean or David say to her. When he got back, she was decked out in a sexy outfit. I guess you could say he had a two-fer.

Maria and Aidan are sexting and snogging down the ginnel and she doesn't realize he's already had a morning sub-duvet session with the lovely Eva. Talk about having it both ways! Back at the salon, David still thinks Maria's escapades at lunch were probably a laugh but Maria, now that things have moved to the next phase, is a bit more reticent. I don't think she's going to be satisfied being the secret bit on the side for long, hiding round corners and sneaking around. David's got their number, though. He's rolling his eyes when she says she thinks she loves Aidan, though. The problem is that she's still friends with Eva so her solution is to make Eva dislike her.

Crikey, her campaign started off well, letting Eva know she impersonated her and giving her a sample but Eva thought it was funny. Maria decided to slag off Leanne to Eva who shoved a cream horn in her face for it. She seems to have succeeded in offending Eva for the moment. David seems to be highly amused at the whole thing. Maria tried to break it off but Aidan wants to have it both ways so he gave her a new phone.

Sounds like Zeedan has been paying Dev back weekly. Michelle and Robert are trying to sort out a new lunch menu and Zeedan has a few good ideas, too. He hopes he can get a promotion out of it. Robert and Michelle really liked the recipes he came up with. They'll use the recipes but he doesn't get anything else out of it. Zeedan is sulking because he's not moving up the ladder at the Bistro fast enough for his liking. The ice cream van gives Rana an idea. She's bought an old food truck to get into the fast food business with Pakistani street food.

Craig has got his constable uniform and is starting on-street training. Beth is worried sick! Norris wants to do some competitions with Mary again to cheer her up. They didn't go to it lightly, they had a stack of entries for things! Then Mary told Sean the answer to a quiz question and he managed to get through to the radio station and won the weekend away! But Sean was going to give Norris the holiday anyway. Who's he going to take? Sounds like it might be Mary!

Oh gosh, look, there's Alya. Wonder what closet they dragged her out of. Lovely little scene between Yasmeen and Leanne with the baby, too. Bethany ended up having to entertain Neal and his mate, Ian at the flat until Nathan got back. Ian could barely keep his eyes in his head. Phelan is still teaching Eileen to drive apparently. Surprised he has any nerves left! Faye's still after him to take her to see Seb but he's not inclined when she wants to go during school hours. Anna still seems to be avoiding any affection from Kevin. It pops up every now and then. Shona took off after the crisis with her son leaving Anna alone in the cafe, no Roy in sight all day! Toyah's already buying pregnancy kits. I can't remember when she had the embryo implanted, must be a couple of weeks at least so it might be soon enough to tell.

David and Shona had an unexpected clash in the community centre. She's very defensive around him. Then Shona overheard Faye talk about a big fight at the young offenders' place where her son is and that her son got a serious injury. Uh oh. She had trouble finding out where he was, too. I suppose her ex is the official next of kin. David was chuffed to hear Clayton was severely hurt. He even went to the pub to start the celebrations early. Shona finally got back to the cafe and had to overhear Rita's words about the difficulty it would be as a doctor to heal the bad'uns. David got really drunk and sat down in the middle of the street where Kylie died where he was nearly killed by Eileen. Shona had to drag him off the road. But he's not celebrating any more. If Clayton dies, David will have nobody to hate.

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For Martyn

(This post was originally posted by Emma Hynes on the Coronation Street Blog in May 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Reviewing Coronation Street on Wednesday the 24th of May felt an impossibility. It was a day when we continued to struggle to come to terms with Monday’s horrific attack in Manchester Arena and its aftermath, and were heartbroken to learn that a much loved friend and fully fledged and fabulous member of the Corrie family, Martyn Hett, was among those who had tragically died as a result.

In the three years I had the unbridled pleasure of experiencing Martyn, for that’s what you did, I was never stuck for words when it came to telling others why this fantastic human being who I had never met was everything. Yet, on Wednesday, words failed me as feelings took over. When I thought about it, this was rather fitting. It was, after all, how Martyn made everyone feel that was one of his greatest gifts.

He made me laugh. A lot. If I ever needed cheering up, I knew I could go to his Twitter profile; a treasure trove of hilarious, uplifting, cheeky, clever and joyous posts that were full of life, originality, energy, wit and, most importantly, Martyn’s unique personality. Sometimes we chatted, other times I would simply read his latest offerings, grin like a Cheshire cat and laugh heaps. He was always there, living life to the full and loving it.

He had a big heart. If he enjoyed a blog you wrote, he’d tell you. When I posted a hopeful request for Corrie fans to complete a survey for my university course, he responded with characteristic enthusiasm. This, in fact, led to our first interaction on Twitter, something I’m so grateful for and a prime example of the power of Corrie to bring kindred spirits together over our love of the programme.

I watched Corrie late on Wednesday night, my sitting room like a cocoon as the familiar faces and stories flickered on screen. It wasn’t until yesterday evening that I realised it was fulfilling a purpose that has been experienced by so many Corrie fans over the decades. As it travels with us through life, the programme acts as a constant, and a source of comfort, and this was much needed on Wednesday.

Martyn loved Coronation Street. His Deirdre Barlow tattoo, his cat Emily Bishop, and his hilarious creation, the Audrey Roberts Noise, will give you some indication of how much of a fan he was, and it was always a pleasure to read his insightful, passionate blogs on the show (all here). I think it’s tremendous that a bench on the set is to be dedicated to Martyn and all of those affected by this atrocity, and I commend all at Coronation Street for such a beautiful gesture.

On Wednesday’s Corrie, we saw Daniel’s alibi fall apart, and Ken become convinced that he is responsible for pushing him on the basis that some trainers that jogged a memory were among Daniel’s “stuff”.

An emotional scene unfolded between Gina and Sally when the former confessed to trolling and harassing her sister, despite not remembering any of it which she put it down to her illness. Thankfully it’s not long before Tim gets to the bottom of it, and Leah is unmasked as the true culprit while elsewhere, Peter and Toyah look set to be the next pair to run the Rovers.

Tonight’s double Corrie will be on at the same time, and these stories will continue, but someone irreplaceable won't be here. We’ll sit with our families, friends and loved ones – be they online or off  – and we’ll watch our constant companion together while remembering someone who loved it just as much, and will now forever share it with us in spirit.

I will always regret never having met Martyn in person, but I’m so grateful to have gotten to know him online. He suggested we “geek out to Corrie together over a gin” when we didn’t manage to meet at the Mariah Carey concert in Manchester last year, and that I come to Manchester Pride to watch the Corrie float with him, but now neither of these things can ever happen and that makes me desperately sad.

My heart goes out to his friends, family and loved ones at what must be a horrendously difficult time for them. They must have felt so lucky to have him in their lives. It’s only fitting to see the well deserved tributes pour in, including from his idol Mariah Carey. Imagining his reaction to that sums up these past few days for me - smiling at the thought of him, and feeling so very sad that he’s gone.

Martyn has taught me many things. Love life, don’t take it too seriously, be yourself, enjoy every single second, be happy, let your fabulousness shine, and seize the day - if you want to do something, what are you waiting for? This is his wonderful legacy, and the best tribute I can think of would be for us to live our lives to the fullest in memory of him.

The fact that people like me, who have never met him, are so heartbroken by his passing is a testament to the effect he had on every one of us. You enriched my life with your bright light, Martyn, and I’ll be forever grateful to you.

I’m going to have that gin tonight when I watch Corrie, and raise a toast to our magnificent friend.

By Emma Hynes

Tvor @tvordlj on Twitter

Jane Danson on being overwhelmed by Corrie fame

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog April 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Jane Danson, who plays Coronation Street's Leanne Battersby, gives a good, long interview in today's Daily Mirror.  In July this year Jane will be celebrating her 20th anniversary of playing Leanne in Corrie and she's nominated in this year's Soap Awards too.  Voted yet? Find out more here!

She tells The Mirror that when she first joined Coronation Street, she was so terrified of the fame it brought her that she couldn’t leave her house for a year

Even today Jane admits she can still get “overwhelmed” when she realises how famous she is.  

Jane says: “It’s really weird thinking it’s been 20 years. My contract was initially for three months - I never expected the Battersbys to be so big. In fact a Teletext poll when we joined said 97% of viewers wanted Corrie to get rid of us!”
And she said she feels specially honoured to be nominated­ again in her anniversary­ year and incredibly­ lucky to have spent 20 years working with legends like Bill, Barbara, Sally Dynevor, as well as Georgia Taylor, her sister Toyah, and Chris Gascoyne and Ben Price who play her two husbands, Peter Barlow and Nick Tilsley.

“When I first heard Leanne was going to be working with Rita (Barbara) in the Kabin, I was like “Oh my God” smiles Jane. “I was determined to show her I wasn’t just some kid messing about. And Bill is just awesome. He never drops a line and he’s so kind. Sally is an inspiration­ and Helen Worth always tells us to just say if we are upset about anything.”

You can read the full interview here.

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Video: Jane Danson on 20 years as Leanne in Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog April 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Jane Danson, who plays Coronation Street's Leanne Battersby, was interviewed on ITV's Loose Women today. 

I was astounded to hear her say that she's been on Coronation Street for 20 years. Has it really been that long? Crikey! 

Jane's first apperance as Leanne Battersby was 4 July 1997 and I'm sure many of us can remember the moment the rowdy Battersby clan turned up on Coronation Street. If you can't recall, here it is in all its glory.

Jane said that when she first joined Coronation Street, the Battersbys were hated by the public. A teletext (remember that?) poll ran which showed the majority of those questioned wanted to see the back of the new, nasty family in Weatherfield.

She also mentioned her co-star Georgia Taylor, who plays her on-screen step-sister Toyah, and said it's great to have her back on the show.  They've always been friends, she says, in real life.  There was a clip from Georgia sending her love and best wishes to Jane from her holidays, which was very nice of her, I thought.

Jane also talked about her real life baby heartache as it played out in Michelle's early miscarriage storyline.  Jane has been through this in real life too but had keep it to herself. She said that working on the storyline with Kym Marsh (Michelle) helped her deal with the unspoken words and feelings she had inside her.  She praised Kym Marsh for being so supportive to her during the storyline especially as Kym had been through the experience in real life herself too.

And towards the end of the interview, there was a clip from next week's Coronation Street which showed Leanne slagging off Michelle to Robert. And as this is soap, out of sight Michelle is listening to every word. It's a good scene and one that will have lots of repercussions!

Jane has been nominated as Best Actress in the British Soap Awards this year.

Have you voted for your Coronation Street favourites yet? Vote here!

Watch Jane's video interview here.

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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Tony Warren exhibition announced

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog April 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Coronation Street creator Tony Warren is to be honoured with a special exhibition at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery. 

Dates are yet to be announced but it is expected to be held in the autumn of this year.  We're awaiting full details from the museum and will bring fans the details as soon as we receive them.

In the meantime, you can view more information on the exhibition via the painterstubes magazine. The exhibition is featured from page 15 onwards in

Tony Warren passed away in March 2016.

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Sonia Ibrahim reveals why Mel can't help Bethany

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog April 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

There's an interview this week in the fab Inside Soap magazine, with Sonia Ibrahim, who plays Mel in Coronation Street. She's always lurking, that Mel one, isn't she? Always lurking around a corner, listening and not saying much, not speaking out, now helping Bethany.

Why not?

Well, Sonia says this to Inside Soap: "Deep down, Mel loves Nathan. She hopes he will come back to her. She's petrified of him and jealous of Bethany because deep down, she loves him.

"Mel is actually being just as manipulated as Bethany is. She has been abused by Nathan so she knows what he is capable of and how scary he is. But in her eyes, he did save her from a terrible upbringing - even though he didn't make life any better with the things he did to her."

Sonia says we'll definitely start to see a more human side to Mel as Bethany's story progresses. "Nathan tells her that if Bethany isn't there, she'll take her place and Mel doesn't want to go back to that."

She also reveals that as part of the research for this horrible storyline she went to the Escape Charity launch where she listened to stories from survivors which broke her heart.

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Who are your Top 3 Corrie Fit Fellas?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog April 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Ah, Coronation Street men. They're rugged, they're handsome, they're usually to be found propping up the bar at the Rovers Return.

But who are your favourite, current Coronation Steret fit fellas? Who are the ones that you love to watch on screen because you like a bit of rough with your cup of tea and biscuit while you're wearing your slippes and your onesie?

My current - and I say current because this changes all the time - favourites are as pictured above. Rugged man of experience Johnny Connor.  Dark and handsome Peter Barlow is a perennial favourite too. And of course, another excuse to post a picture of the lovely Gary Windass, of whom I'm rather fond.

If any of our bloggers want to do a blog post about their favourite sexy females, go ahead. But for now I'm going to swoon over Gary just a little bit more.

Who would you put in your top three of Corrie fit fellas right now?

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Daniel Brocklebank and Rob Mallard confirm they're together

It's true!  Daniel Brocklebank (Billy the vicar Mayhew) and Rob Mallard (Daniel Osbourne) are a couple. They've just confirmed it on Twitter so it Must Be True.

Earlier Recently we reported that Mr Curry Sauce told The Sun that Coronation Street stars were dating. But as it was The Sun, well, you just never know what to think half the time.

But now both actors have confirmed on Social Media that they are together. Good luck to them both!

Daniel and Rob attended the LGBT awards together in London last week

Pic: OK! Online
Coronation Street Actors Praise Fans for Support

Coronation Street stars Rob Mallard and Daniel Brocklebank, who play Daniel Osbourne and Billy the vicar Mayhew, attended the LGBT Awards last week.

Speaking exclusively at the awards bash to OK! Online, Daniel and Rob praised Corrie fans for their ongoing support for themselves and their characters.

"Corrie is my fifth soap," Daniel said. "And your second – and we both just love it here. We’ve had so much support from the get go."

Rob said: "Fans have been very supportive. It’s amazing, and wonderful to be in something you feel is so nationally known."

Rob and Daniel have this week confirmed that they're in a relationship.

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