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Pics: Coronation Street cast the perfect family

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog September 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

There has been a lot of great response online to our blog post about how Corrie can cast the perfect characters so that they look like real-life families on screen.

And so, in addition to those we covered here, here are some more examples of perfect Corrie casting!

 Gary and Eddie Windass.

Jack Duckworth and Tyrone Dobbs. While not blood-related, Tyrone was more of a son to Jack than Terry ever was or will be.
 The Battersby-Brown brood of Cilla, Fiz and Chesney.

Amy and Tracy Barlow look very much alike, even if Amy channels grandma Blanche.

And St Ella of the Beige with daughter Leanne.

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Until Plot Do Us Part

(This post was originally posted by Emma Hynes on the Coronation Street Blog in September 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a happy couple in possession of a good marriage must be in want of a plot twist. It’s seldom a harmless one either, and generally something devastating for one if not both parties.

Yes, it’s soap, and Corrie has had us enthusiastically sobbing and despairing at countless heartaches and infidelities over the years. In recent weeks and months we’ve seen Billy and Todd, Nick and Leanne, Luke and Maria, Gary and Izzy, and Caz and Kate embroiled in relationship drama, while secrets threaten the happiness of Aidan and Eva and Steve and Michelle.

The course of true love never did run smooth, but the cobbles tend to offer added bumps along the way. However, while we wouldn’t be without this feature of our favourite soap, does every couple have to be rocked by catastrophe from within the relationship itself? Seeing as the thread of normality is one of the most endearing things about Coronation Street, why can’t we have a strong, devoted couple who simply love one another and face life’s obstacles together, as people do in real life?

While not without their troubles, Tyrone and Fiz and Steph and Andy are among those showing stability at the moment. But it’s a fact that, along with Tim and Sally, Beth and Kirk and Sharif and Yasmeen were probably the closest thing to the faithful, enduring couple that we’ve seen in some time. It actually pains me to write that in the past tense, as we have now come to learn that Sharif has been having an affair for the past seven years, and Beth is a bigamist.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the Nazirs from the beginning was the love and respect the couple clearly had for one another. As we got to know them we could see Sharif’s admiration for his clever and passionate wife, and the strength she gained from his support, particularly after the death of Kal. She in turn helped him when he struggled to cope with the news that Alya had slept with Jason, allowing him to see the situation in a new light. This was not the guise of a man engaging in an affair behind his wife’s back, or a husband giving any indication of being remotely interested in anyone other than the woman he clearly adored.

Beth and Kirk’s unlikely pairing has been a triumph, and a ripe source of humour as well as proof that couples can simply be happy with one another, irrespective of what life throws at them. They also show that good marriages are far from boring to watch, a fact which is thankfully supported by Tim and Sally. As with the Nazirs, Beth and Kirk have had their ups and downs, but consistently supported one another and faced the world together. Their 80s wedding was joyous, and at no point did we see a hesitation or glimmer of doubt, concern, or guilt from Beth which might have indicated that she was already married. In fact, she wanted them to have a dream wedding, and so much so that they exhausted themselves working extra shifts to pay for it. Nobody would have suspected that she was entering into a bigamous marriage, and while her behaviour is questionable at times, such is her love for Kirky, it’s hard to believe she would.

In the cases of all the other troubled couples, their woes have arisen organically out of the drama. However, with regard to the Nazirs and Sutherlands, it would certainly seem that their existing backgrounds have been revised, and quite dramatically at that, for the sake of creating new stories in the present. Both revelations have the shock factor, but for me, the believability isn’t there. Why? Because these very particular actions would have needed to be part of their stories in the first place for them to ring true.

This is not to say that hitherto unknown ghosts can’t arrive to haunt people, but if they do, the chosen ghost has to make sense in the context of the existing drama, and who that character is as a person. With regard to Beth and Kirk, I personally think their marriage should be sacred, and bigamy simply isn’t believable to me in this instance. As above, there is nothing wrong with a resurrected skeleton, and they have proven themselves to be great for drama. Indeed, the reappearance of Craig’s Dad already has this potential without the bigamous element.

While my preference for the Nazirs is fidelity, if Sharif absolutely had to play away, why not have him embark on an affair in the present? Considering the strength of the couple, there would have to be a good justification for it, but we could then experience the situation unfold, his potential turmoil and possible guilt-ridden reveal, and feel fully invested in it.

While we can't be sure of how the drama will progress for either of them, and there's no doubting that whatever happens will be performed well, as Beth’s marriage and Sharif’s affair predate their first appearances on the programme, they now alter my perception of their characters and every scene I’ve ever seen them in, and this jars because they simply don’t match. We all know the suspension of disbelief is essential to viewing Corrie, but for us to believe in the drama, realism must be at the core of who the characters are, the actions they take, and how they deal with the situations they find themselves in. Even if the actions or situations are unheard of and surface from the past, fitting both the character and the drama which has gone before is essential if we are to believe in them. These retrospective additions to Beth and Sharif's stories are proof of just how important this is.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes
Facebook: @EmmaHynesWrites

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Gary and Sarah to get together in Corrie - Yay or Nay?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog September 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

You probably know by now that I'm a huge Gary Windass fan so I won't bang on (again) about how lovely he is. 

What I would like to know, however, is whether you think Gary and Sarah should get together.

I'd love Gary and Izzy to get back together, of course, but it looks like that is not going to happen.  And so, I think Gary and Sarah might work.

What do you think? Gary and Sarah together as a couple - Yay or Nay?

See also:
Gary Windass - most handsome man that Corrie's ever had?

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Corrie Canada Weekly Awards Sept 12 - 16

Revenge award: David certainly wiped the smug off Lauren's face, didn't he? Now he's contacting Macca via social media under a false name. (Cormac Hibbs? Wonder how long it took them to come up with that name!)

Cheapskate award: Does Norris really peg his teabags out to dry? I wouldn't put it past him.

Mixed messages award: Maria invited Luke to the salon awards do. No wonder he got the wrong idea.

Walking Dead award: OMG Andy looks so good done up like a Zombie!!! I never expected to see a Zombie on the cobbles.

Monday, not Moanday award: Looks like Luke's weekend was better than expected!

Bleedin' Obvious award: "Happy Birthday, Sean" "You remembered!" The hat was a giveaway.

Quick turn around time award: Faye posted a letter to the prison on Saturday. Monday morning's post seems to contain a visiting order.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf award: This time Sean is telling the truth, he isn't the snitch, but Billy didn't believe him.

Rock and a hard place award: Bishop John.

Predictable award: Beth is still married to Darryl the Rat (the unfurry one, that is). You could see that coming a mile away.

Lines of the week:
Sean "I'm turning 40 on Monday and living with a man who pegs his teabags out to dry" (when you put it that way...)
David "I wanna stay angry so leave my stuff alone" (It's not about moving on, luv, it's about finding a new normal)
David "We give our clients everything they want. No, what we do is give them everything they deserve" (and he's back!)
Caz "I never thought I'd feel like this again" (and that sounds like more than just 'I had a great weekend')
Todd to Billy "One day will be too late. And then you miss out" (that's true)
Sean "There's no point in being old *and* bitter" (you're learning)
Audrey to Maria "Maybe it's something you give off. You do seem to attract the gays, don't you? No offense, Sophie!"
Michelle "You know what they say about narrow minds and wide mouths, don't you?"
Kevin "I looked like Magnum P.I. in overalls!"
Billy "It's one thing being open minded. It's another thing facing mutiny in the flock|

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Corrie spoiler links - September edition

We don't do very many spoilers here on the Bluenose Corrie blog. Lots of Canadians really don't want to know what's going to happen on The Street but the truth is out there for those that want to click. Here are some recent spoilers for those that can't wait. We're only listing the character name/s but the link probably contains the spoiler so if you don't want to know, don't hover the mouse over it or you might see something you didn't want to.

Characters leaving or joining the show
Roy and Cathy

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When Coronation Street cast the perfect characters

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog September 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

There have been a few comments left on the Coronation Street Blog and on our twitter feed saying casting actor Paul Loughran as Craig's dad is another example of perfect casting on Corrie.

We can only agree!  And here are some more perfect castings, where the actors actually do look as if they could be family members in real life too.

Father and daughter Kevin and Sophie Webster.

Mother and daughter Audrey Roberts and Gail Rodwell

Mother and daughter Blanche Hunt and Deirdre Barlow

Mother and son Gail Rodwell and David Platt.

All of the original Connor clan with their dark, glossy coats - including Ozzy!  Even though Carla wasn't born a Connor, she fitted in perfectly too.

Are there any more perfectly cast family members you'd include in our list? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Sunday Comments September 25

Craig is really thrown for a loop finding out about his father. He's got more questions than he has answers and you can tell he's still really just a kid with no life experience. He wondered if his dad really was evil, how his mother could have a baby with him. He's not old enough to realize that a lot of women love bad boys. Faye thinks he should write a letter just to get it all out. He did take her advice and write out his thoughts and questions and then destroyed it. Faye meant well but she intervened, didn't she, and retrieved his letter that, when we saw it later, wasn't all wet and stained with the pop he'd doused it with. How is she going to find out what prison Craig's dad is in, though?

Craig is in a funk and so is Beth because Craig has no intention of coming back home. Sally is getting tired of him underfoot though allows that he's very well behaved (in spite of how he was brought up!) Beth decides to talk to the police to explain that Craig didn't know his father was in prison, hoping to get them to accept Craig's application. We don't know how that went because later on, Sinead brings Craig a letter from his father. Yes, Faye took that letter out of the rubbish, recopied it and sent it on Friday and Daddy has written back swiftly. Beth is horrified. Anna is as well since Faye put her name to the letter as writing on behalf of her friend Craig. Craig, after a nice chat with Tim, rips up the letter but later patches it together and applies for a visiting order online. He later goes to the Bistro and gets legless and upchucks all over Sally's carpet. I think his days kipping on the sofa there have abruptly come to an end.

Craig is feeling his first hangover and he's pretty shaky. I doubt that will teach him a lesson on the long run about moderation, though. Tyrone has offered him a bed but warns him about Fierce Fiz. He allowed the rat but I wonder what Fiz will say about that! Well, anyway, Craig is going to see his dad after all, regardless of what Beth thinks. Lovely scene between Kirk and Craig. Kirk is a lovely man and is a great father figure to Craig.

And wow, could they have cast Craig's father any better? Turns out his father is a thief, banks and other places. But Darryl is happy to see his son for more than the usual reasons. Give the lad all the things he wants to hear and then lower the boom. He wanted Craig to bring drugs in and when he wouldn't, heart broken, he told Craig that Beth and he were still legally married. Oh you could see that coming and you could hear Kirk's heart break.

Just like that, Sarah decided to cancel Bethany's gym membership without a word to her. That wasn't fair, I don't think, at least without talking to her first. But that meeting at the school didn't sort things out did it? Lauren persued Bethany even more than before, right into the salon until David got his hands on her. I loved how he handled bully Lauren!!! It wasn't just a chunk of hair he removed but the whole length with a threat included! That should sort her out. He's such a good liar that he had the police believing it was Lauren crying wolf and had Gemma to back him up. Now *that's* the way to handle a bully!

Meanwhile, did you notice Izzy watching Gary and Sarah from across the road? I think she can see the sparks of chemistry there just the way us viewers can. Aidan is still balking at moving in together and Eva has realized he's not ready for it so he ended up agreeing to move in now. Then still looked like he was trapped.

Robert wants Steph to take on the temporary manager job while Leanne is away and it might even work into another bout while Leanne is on maternity leave. Steph is a bit dubious but the offered pay rise does the trick. The problem is that Robert is often rude to her and treats her pretty crap at times. Today, for instance, the party of 10 for a birthday has expanded to 20 and Steph missed the email requesting a cake. Robert treats her like dirt but she manages to talk Sean out of his and then Robert calls her out later when he finds out she offered Sean a posh meal for the cake rather than send someone to Freshco for a store-made one. You can't win! Robert was then going to take the management away from her but she wants one last chance so she ditched the afternoon she and Andy planned at a Zombie party. Didn't he look amazing!!!

Audrey's salon was up for an award but she ended up ditching the do because she's worried about David. So what if he's kept his bloody jacket? That's not a sign he's not coping, it's actually his way of coping and he *seems* to be holding his own but when Bethany talked about missing Kylie, he got agitated. We can also he's got that dangerous edge back again because David hasn't let go of the anger so Gail does have a point. He should probably talk to someone if he can't talk to his family. It's not about moving on, it's about finding a new normal. But alas, he's also making social media contact wtih Macca who is the brother of the kid that killed Kylie and that can't be a good thing.

Billy isn't totally comfortable with Todd staying with him, still concerned with appearances but it was another stab through Sean's heart. But Billy also feels it's too soon in the relationship to move in together. I'd say so if they aren't even having sex yet or only just started to.

Sean turns 40 and it's not quite the birthday he anticipated. It starts off ok, with his mates in the factory celebrating and ordering a nice cake from Roy. He is feeling his age and the jokes don't help but overall, he seems happy enough. He even invites Billy and Todd to his drinks do after work, in the view to fresh starts. But Billy finds out a parishoner has complained to the Bishop about Todd staying at the vicarage and after Sean's trick the other day of cancelling the hotel room, Eva suspects Sean. She doesn't say it but eyes follow her glance to Sean and she ends up telling Todd and Billy about the hotel room incident (which as you remember was rebooked before Todd knew anything about it) and Billy accuses Sean of being the snitch. He insists he didn't and I think he probably is telling the truth but it causes bad feelings. Steph has also come and talked Sean out of his birthday cake, needing it for the Bistro for a party, though offering a swank dinner for two in exchange so he's lost that, too. Some birthday party!

Will Billy be able to prove the snitch was Sean? I smell the boy that cried 'Wolf!', i.e. Sean has done stuff in the past to sabotage this couple but when he doesn't actually do anything, they still think he has. Of course, Sean is upset at Eva, too. There is a huge confrontation between Billy and Sean in the factory but Aidan was quite nice to Sean, wasn't he? Billy's Bishop hashed it all out. John the Bishop accepts Billy as he is but has to juggle the parishioners, too, and if even one of them can't turn to their religious leader, there's a problem. And Billy's right, the church is lagging behind in tolerance and he shouldn't have to wait another 20 years for it to catch up. It puts Billy in a hard place and he doesn't think it's fair. And it isn't. Todd then suggests that maybe Billy might have to leave the church to live the life he wants to.

Maria invited Luke to the salon awards dinner which naturally makes him think she wants him back. Why wouldn't he think that? Maria wants to be friends but she should know that he would take this the wrong way, not the way she meant it. Well, Steph gave Maria a piece of her mind in defence of her brother. Luke ended up crushed when Maria dropped out of the evening.

Luke seems to have had a good weekend and rocks up on Monday morning still in his tux and sporting a big grin. He and Kevin have a drink later and Kevin, the old man of the Garage, tells Luke he used to be a player with the ladies back in the day, with more hair and a big tache, like Magnum PI. Luke doesn't know who that is nor does he recognize the actor, Tom Selleck. That makes Kevin feel old!

Caz had a job interview but a confrontation with Kate landed coffee all over and she was late for it then missed the bus. Maria ended up soothing her. I did feel sorry for her, feeling so defeated and stranded in civvie life. Maria did kind of make it all about her in some ways. Most people have had trauma in their lives and have to find a way to survive it, building up coping mechanisms.

Caz is grateful for Maria's intervention and they chat about the nice weekend they had doing family things together with Liam. Caz doesn't have much luck at the job center but thanks Maria for letting her use her address when she registered for benefits. Maria looks perturbed but accepts is and Caz offers to make a nice lunch, which she does, but when thanking Maria, she hugs her and leans in for a little kiss. It's not a snog and Maria is not quite sure how it was meant. We viewers know Caz is developing a crush but Maria doesn't. Maria ends up distracted and making mistakes at work and ends up telling Audrey and Sophie who's there as well about the kiss. There's a bit of joking about it and Caz overhears. Ouch. Caz hits the bricks and runs off.

Now of course, Maria is feeling guilty, soft touch that she is and she coerces Sophie into looking around Manchester for Caz, stopping at some of the shelters and they do find Caz eventually and convince her to come home with them. Feet. Meet table. And she has another encounter with Aidan. Aidan has a client in and she's looking for an admin person so he tells Maria to tell Caz. Caz does well with the interview but it turns out the job is in Newcastle. Aidan says he didn't realize but the aim was probably to get Caz out of town, right? Caz didn't take the job and Aidan bitches to Maria about it and Maria makes a reference to honesty. He calls her on that again later, saying their close encounter was a mistake, but she mutters "maybe to you" though doesn't repeat it when he asks what she said. Uh oh. Crush much?

In a new storyline, Alex is sleeping on the floor instead of the sofa because the sofa isn't conducive to sleep. Roy's idea of a perfect solution is a sofa bed. Cathy thinks the perfect solution is for she to sleep in Roy's bed with him and Alex have the spare room. I think the perfect solution is to let Alex stay at Cathy's house but maybe he shouldn't be unsupervised given his penchant for partying with his mates.

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Describe yourself in three fictional Coronation Street characters

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog September 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

There's a game going around on Twitter at the moment where you post pictures of three fictional characters to describe yourself. 

I'm taking the Twitter three-game a step further and asking people to suggest the three Coronation Street characters that would best represent you.

Mine are above - and I'm not saying anything about them. You'll have to make up your own mind about the workings of my personality!

Which three Corrie characters would you choose to describe yourself?

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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Everybody out! When Coronation Street goes on strike

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog September 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

The factory workers revolted recently in Coronation Street.  Led by Sally Metcalfe, they walked out on strike after they found out there was a mole in the camp who had grassed them to the boss after their film-watching session.

Mind you, they were soon wooed back in with cakes and a winning smile from Aidan Connor. 

The publicity picture from ITV, above, of the factory workers out on the cobbles, on strike, reminded me very much of the strikes in days gone by at the factory too.

There was always turmoil and trouble at the factory with the girls ganging up on Mike Baldwin, their boss.
Their firebrand leaders were Vera Duckworth, Ivy Tilsley and the indomiatable Ida Clough.

Ida Clough. Ooh, now there's a name to be reckoned with. It'd take more than a smile and a cake to woo her back to work.

More please, Corrie.

Want to see some classic Corrie strike action?  Have a look at this YouTube clip, below:

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Vote for Coronation Street - TV Times Awards 2016

Voting has now opened in this year's TV Times Awards.

There is no category for Best Soap but there is a category for Favourite Soap Star. And two members of the Coronation Street cast have been nominated.

These are Jack P Shepherd, who plays David Platt.  And Jane Danson, who plays Leanne Battersby.

Cast your vote now.

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Coronation Street colouring book - out now!

Coronation Street, the official colouring book, is out now!

you can order it online here. (let us know, please, if you see it in any of the Canadian shops)
Lose yourself in the history of your favourite soap with this fun and fascinating colouring book, which is sure to delight Corrie fans old and new.

Not just a relaxing and creative activity book, this also serves as a potted history of the show with your favourite characters from over 55 years of storylines and drama. The book is made up of 45 scenes to colour in, from Elsie Tanner in the very first show, through classic scenes and iconic title shots, and ending up with the stars of the current episodes.

Coronation Street is Britain's longest-running and best-loved soap. Now you can pick up your colouring pencils and immerse yourself in the history of your favourite street.

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Inside Soap Awards: Vote for Coronation Street as Best Soap

Voting for Best Soap remains open in the Inside Soap Awards 2016.

Voting is open until mid day on the day of the awards show, Monday 3 October 2016.

So if you haven't voted for our favourite show yet, then vote now.

Vote here.

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Whatever happened to the Coronation Street battle-axe?

(This post was originally posted by Clinkers (David) on the Coronation Street Blog in August 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

What the world needs now is a feisty old bag who says what she means and means what she says. Forget Angela, Hillary and ... err, Theresa. Let's think less global and more cobble. Corrie is currently turning a corner and a welcome change of direction it is too. There are new friendships and alliances, a little less of the drudgery and a bit more fun. However, there is a harridan-shaped hole in Weatherfield.

Every drama needs a mouthy moral majority, laying down the law and not being afraid to do so. In Corrie though, these ladies have been few and far between. They are a rare and wonderful breed, eclipsing the status of backstreet bitch, gossipmonger or fishwife. In reality, the show has only offered up two legends of this ilk and what a pair they were - Ena Sharples and Blanche Hunt.

Ena's brand of wrath was carefully crafted during two world wars and a recession. Religion and morals guided her over the years and helped armour-plate her against whatever life could throw at her. No smart one-liners from Ena. Just a rapier-like delivery of whatever she was dishing out that day. Every battle-axe has their weak points though and for Ena there was a catalogue of handbag fights, name-calling and very un-Christian like behaviour. Few took her on. Elsie Tanner was her regular nemesis for twenty years but she also went to war with Annie Walker and Hilda Ogden amongst others.

Blanche emerged from a different background. She was widowed at a young age and single-handedly raised a wilful daughter. Blanche turned her hand to whatever brought the money in be it as a barmaid, a corset-fitter or a shopkeeper. Early Blanche was a bit of a good-time girl, friendly ear to chew and popular. Twenty years later she had morphed into the un-PC, tough-as-old-boots biddy with a penchant for other people's funerals and caustic one-liners. Blanche also had a vulnerable side and that kept her from becoming one-dimensional, something that obviously wasn't passed down the line to Tracy luv.

There were other pretenders to the throne. Granny Hopkins, presiding over the Corner Shop in the mid 1970s, proved to be little more than nasty. Phyllis Pearce was touted as the 'new Ena' when she first appeared in 1982 but settled for being a gruff old dear with an eye for the fellas. Well, one fella. Maud Grimes shone brightly for a while, another hard woman but importantly, not embittered. Roy's mother Sylvia was wonderful but sadly wasn't around long enough to make a lasting impression.

There were encouraging signs that Deirdre was in the process of picking up the baton from her mother. Not to be. Looking around the current crop of likely characters . . . well, there are no likely characters. Rita lost all of her spit-and-vinegar after Len died and she re-invented herself as Mother Earth in a toffee shop. Gail's too busy nursing Nick's Oedipus Complex, Liz is too flighty and Eileen's a bore. Yasmeen might have a few battle-axe tendencies, likewise Sally, but overall they are decent women.

There were high hopes that Agnes Tinker, Beth's grandma, might have been a stayer. She bobbed around for the wedding episodes, returning later to visit Sinead in hospital but that was that. Likewise, the appearance of actress Beatrice Kelley in 2014, as Michael Rodwell's aunt provided a tiny spike of anticipation but the character was temporary and quite mild-mannered. Maybe ITV should have snapped up Lynda Baron, glorious as Violet Carson in The Road to Coronation Street but alas, she's now doing something in Walford.

Does Corrie need a fearsome older woman patrolling its cobbles? I think it does.

Clinkers to Riddle, on twitter @bridglondon

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Friday, 23 September 2016

Watch: Sue Nicholls - This is Your Life

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

With thanks to our blogger Graeme on twitter for alerting us to this little gem.

It's an old one but a good one. Does anyone know what year it was from?

Michael Aspel was on the set of Coronation Street when he surprised Sue Nicholls with his big red book for This is Your Life. 

Michael surprised the actress who - at the time - had been on the street for 36 years playing hairdresser Audrey Roberts. Off-screen Sue Nicholls is married to Mark Eden who played the infamous Alan Bradley, father of Jenny. 

We hope you enjoy watching this. 

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Corrie Canada sneak previews for Sept. 26 - 30

Without further ado here is a brief sneak preview of what you'll see on  next week's Corrie in Canada.

The development project moves ahead in spite of Todd's efforts to stop it. Todd and Billy fall out so Todd turns to Phelan to help with the scam. What's he up to? Beth's lies and a skeleton from her past come back to bite her. Cathy feels like she will always come second in Roy's heart. Alya suspects Sonia and Sharif so Sharif is some scrambling to do with her and Sonia both. Freddie and Audrey get closer but is it too soon? Cathy finds out a secret about Alex's father.

For more detail and photos check out the Moosejaw Mercury at Corrie.net.

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