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Todd Grimshaw's personality changes

(This post was originally posted by Sophie Williams on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

With the cobbles recently welcoming back lots of old faces as well as new faces, the ever-growing cast makes it difficult sometimes to keep track of who's nasty, who's nice, and who's just settled in between. One of those characters for me who is a little uncertain is Todd Grimshaw.

Todd has always been my favourite Corrie character and throughout his time on Corrie, he's gone through a whole spectrum of personalities. From the too-nice-for-his-own-good teenager in 2001, to villain following his 2013 return, to somewhat nice guy now. For those of you who remember Todd as a young'un way back in the beginning will probably agree with me when I say he was an average character, never stirring trouble or causing general grief. That changed in 2004 however when his biggest storyline at that time kicked off when he began an affair with male nurse Karl Foster while engaged to Sarah Platt, who was also carrying his child. Although his moral compass flailed slightly, Todd's guilty conscience was never far behind. He felt awful for his betrayal but believed that he had to do what was right for him. This storyline ended in the tragic death of his son and Todd's ultimate exit from the Street.

Todd returned to No.11 briefly in 2011 for the Easter Special, bringing his rich boyfriend Jules with him. Todd wasn't himself as he suddenly found himself embarrassed of his hometown and his family. Rowing with Eileen, Todd's conscience eventually caught up with him and he apologised for his behaviour. This slight change in personality was a bit of a flash in the pan though because his stint back was only brief so everyone kind of forgot about it.

2013 came as a real shock for Todd fans when he returned for good but was definitely not the same man who'd left. This "new Todd" was manipulative, a liar, and just downright nasty. While we got reintroduced to Todd we learnt that he was almost sickened by other people's happiness, which ultimately led us to see him do his very best to destroy any and all happiness around him. This was first evident when Todd became dead-set on breaking up Marcus Dent and Maria Connor. Todd was purely cruel and vindictive, but this appeared to quieten down slightly when Marcus waved goodbye after having his life wrecked by Todd.

Todd found himself in a bit of a rut then; his family were disappointed in him, he had no job and no money. Jason's dad, Tony, offered him a lifeline by employing him at the builder's yard where Tony and Todd were quietly scamming their customers. However, this went sour after Todd pushed it too far and Tyrone fell through the floor of his loft conversion due to shoddy materials. Getting disowned by the Grimshaw's came as a wake up call for Todd I think. In my eyes, Todd started to learn that he couldn't blag his way through life and he needed to pull up his socks and sort himself out.

He was starting to turn a corner at the end of 2014 and he felt awful about the way he almost destroyed Jason's business, as well as losing his family. In spite of his efforts though, no one showed up to Todd's reconciliation meal, which caused him to wander home alone only to get violently attacked during a mugging. This event gave Todd his scar and was the beginning of his total undoing. Before this, Todd's key motive for sly comments and arguably vicious behaviour was to get a kick out of hurting people. His actions had no real purpose and were just a bit of fun for him. But something changed at this time. His nastiness turned into something evil, his actions turning into scheming plots.

What Todd did next is actually one of my favourite storylines ever. He made it his mission to make Jason and Eileen pay for his scarring and went about it in the most sick and vile way possible. His first task was to make Jason believe his current girlfriend Eva Price was having an affair with Tony and this worked like a charm. Eva finished with Jason and left him heartbroken, while Todd was secretly thrilled. Task number two was to make Eileen believe that a handsome fella in Dubai was chatting her up on a dating website, when it fact it was Todd. Scarily brilliant, I believe it made an absolutely superb storyline. Todd's an extremely intelligent character and this definitely shone through. Todd knows how people tick, he knows what will hurt them the most, if not completely destroy them emotionally. In the immediate fallout, Todd seemed completely free of remorse. In a twisted way, I think he was actually proud of himself in how it all panned out.

Todd became a character that was so hated, it was engaging to see his vulnerability reappear after Jason got attacked by Callum Logan's thugs. There is a particular scene in the hospital waiting room with Eileen where Todd's conscience was seemingly ripping him apart and the Machiavellian character got emotional when offered a second chance by his mum, prompted by Todd keen to donate a kidney to Jason if he needed it.

After this, Todd's personality seemed to shift again and this is what I'm still trying to work out. Those vindictive and even nasty traits seem to have completely disappeared, having been replaced by someone who actually feels empathy and is aware of the long lasting implications of what he says and does. In so many instances now, Todd definitely seems like the original Todd; the Todd who actually tries not to upset people and steers away from causing unnecessary grief. Admittedly, ever since embarking on a relationship with local vicar Billy Mayhew, Todd has really softened. But here is the cross-path. Where Pat Phelan is concerned, the "new Todd" is still there. Todd really doesn't trust him (and with good reason) and he's very "you push me and I push back" with Pat. That brings me to one of my favourite qualities of Todd's; he's no push over. Since his full return, I'm yet to see anyone who's managed to walk all over Todd. Todd is very much in control about who he is and what he does and I really hope that never changes.

We saw Todd's moral compass falter again last year where he put Billy's job as a vicar in jeopardy and eventually joined the flat scam. But, did his morals really fail or was it just a misjudgment? The way Todd quickly did a U-turn on his involvement in the scam and how regretful he was about calling the Bishop, that was concrete evidence that Todd hadn't truly reverted to type.

While watching Todd go through all of these transformations, I think I can say with confidence that I wasn't the only one wondering what on earth happened to Todd in London. After almost three years of umming and arring about it, we were finally gifted with the story that led to Todd's moral breakdown. It turns out that Todd had his heart broken pretty badly and the writers did an excellent job with this. Over the last three years, Todd kept saying things like "you know I've been hurt a lot in the past" and "if you knew the sort of things that have happened to me". The links between his fractured soul and the reason behind that are really quite obvious. Now we know the truth, it's as if it all starts to make sense and we as viewers can now begin to understand why Todd does what he does.

So what will happen to Todd in the future? As much as I loved Todd as a character making sarky comments and being horrible for the fun of it, in my heart of hearts I think that his softer side will remain firmly in place. Corrie are setting him up for a life with Billy and while he's got Billy, his conscience will always be right behind him. My biggest hope for Todd is that he will keep that edge and that attitude that makes him unique to other characters. He's capable of such dark doings but he does have the power to make a proper life for himself. I like to think that Corrie will pursue the idea of making Todd follow his ambitions to get back into the law career, it gives the character something to focus on.

Love him or hate him, no one can deny that Todd Grimshaw has ever been drama-free. Bruno Langley portrays the role of Todd brilliantly, making him a gripping character to watch and follow. There's so much more to be explored with Todd and I'm sure Corrie have plenty of tricks up their sleeve where Todd is concerned.

Written by @sophie_jw26

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The Measure Of A Man

(This post was originally posted by Scott Willison on the Coronation Street Blog in March 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Ken Barlow has been on our screens for over fifty-six years, a tenure that has rightly earned Bill Roache a place in the Guinness Book of Records.  Over the decades we've seen Ken grow from an idealistic young graduate to a crotchety grandfather, with about a thousand girlfriends in between.

However, there's another long-standing character whose screen life is, in some ways, even more impressive: Mr David Daniel Platt.

The thing about Ken is; he came to us fully-formed.  The Ken Barlow in the very first episode of Corrie was a grown up.  He could vote, drink beer; he'd already been through his awkward teenage phase and his rebellious student years.  He was a grown up character.

David Platt has lived his entire life on screen.  Every significant moment of it has been catalogued for twenty-six years.  We don't just know his birthday; we know the entire history of his mum and dad's relationship.  We know that Gail considered aborting him.  We know where Gail was when she went into labour (Audrey's house) and we know that Sally Webster was in the bed next to hers in the maternity hospital.  Given a bit of time and calculation, you can probably work out exactly when David was conceived, though why you'd want to is another matter.

Since then, David's life has unfolded right before our eyes.  He's grown from a quiet child to a horrific teen to a (sort of) mature adult.  We've seen him get a pet rabbit, love it, then cry when it died.  We've seen him react to his parents splitting up, to his mum's many, many remarriages.  We know when he lost his virginity (11th January 2008) and to whom (Tina McIntyre).  We've watched him fall in love, get married, father a child, and become a widower.

Is there any other character, in any medium, anywhere, who's been as well documented?  Even on the Street, other characters have drifted in and out.  Tracy Barlow, for example, wandered away to London for a few wilderness years, and then a few more in prison.  Nick has had periods in Canada and Nottingham.  Sarah-Louise went to Milan for seven years.  David's been there, all the time; even when he went to a Young Offender's Institution in April 2008, the cameras followed him there.  Beyond the confines of Weatherfield, what other TV shows have had the duration Corrie has, the ability to actually tell the story of a man's lifetime, every week, for more than a quarter of a century?  Films can't manage it; even novels tend to skip over big periods.  You don't get the minutiae, the school runs, the Christmas dinners, the daft nights out.  David might just show up in one episode, make a couple of wisecracks in the salon, then disappear, but it's another pin; another moment in his life for the records.  The only other character I can think of whose life was documented in such detail was Adrian Mole, and we didn't even meet him until he was 13¾.  We've known David since birth.

David's face might have changed slightly - Thomas Ormson played him until 2000, when the always-excellent Jack P Shepherd took over - but he's always been with us.  He doesn't show any sign of leaving, either, raising the fascinating idea that we could watch David Platt enter middle age, become a grandfather, settle into quiet retirement.  Given all that's happened to him in his life, he should probably be in extremely deep therapy, but still; that's a heck of an achievement, and one we should celebrate.

By Scott Willison (@merseytart)

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Peter Barlow and the Mystery Voicemail

(This post was originally posted by Emma Hynes on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

It seems everyone has their suspect of choice when it comes to who attacked Ken, and let’s face it there are plenty to choose from. There is one thing in particular, however, that has left viewers intrigued; Peter’s sudden desperation to get his hands on Simon’s mobile, his dramatic destruction of the device, and the subsequent revelation of a voicemail which he had left his son at 20:35 on the night in question; 28 minutes after the police suspect the attempt on Ken's life took place. In it he said “Hi Si. Look, I’m really sorry. I’m a bad person. I’ve messed up again. I’m gonna have to get away, I can’t stay here, but I want you to know that I love you, okay? Whatever anyone says about me, whatever they say that I’ve done, I love you more than anything.”

(In Canada) Friday's episode  concluded with the voicemail being played in the Bistro for all to hear, and Nick placing the blame for Ken's attack squarely at Peter's door.

But could he really have tried to kill his own father?

With everything that’s happened, it’s not easy to recall just what Peter Barlow was doing on the night of Ken’s attack, that might explain this alarming discovery, and allow us to decide for ourselves if it’s an effort to evade being caught for attempted murder.

DS MacKinnon might think she has a thirst to get to the bottom of a case, and even though I’m more of a Jessica Fletcher when it comes to sleuthing, I do like a good mystery. So, I did a bit of investigating of my own and I present to you the case of Peter Barlow.

24th of March - 3 days before the attack

(In Canada, April 7, 10) Peter learns Tracy can’t get the money to allow him buy the Rovers, and is shocked and furious to see Chloe turn up to gazump him. He threatens her to “Stay away from me, stay away from this street, or I won’t be responsible for my actions. Now, you go home.” Eek!

Her subsequent chat with Ken is littered with truths, half-truths and full-on porkies and he tells her, “you’re not the first person that my son has lied to and hurt, but I’m gonna do my best to make sure you’re the last.”

Peter reveals Chloe’s identity and her wish to get even to Liz and Steve, and they keep the pub on the market just in case.

Ken then tells all to Toyah. On Peter’s return, she asks him if has a guilty conscience and he says no. They fight, and she reveals she knows everything, and it’s thanks to Ken. Simon arrives and she tells him his father has been seeing someone behind her back.

Peter calls to Ken, unleashes a diatribe and trashes a chair. Ken says he wishes he could believe his “lying alcoholic” of a son. Peter responds, “You know I just about had the right idea getting away from here, from you. Save your breath. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to see you, I don’t want anything to do with you. You are dead to me.” Heavy stuff, and an amazing scene.

27th of March - date of attack

(In Canada, April 11, 12) Toyah is in Leanne’s ignoring Peter’s calls. Ken meets Peter in the street. They have an altercation where Ken attempts to patch things up, but Peter realises his father still doesn’t believe him and accuses him of ruining his life, declaring, “I’m telling the truth, I’ll prove it to you”.

Peter barges into Chloe’s to giver her a piece of his mind, but she asks him to get down on his knees and beg for pity. “Not a chance, you psychotic cow, you’re insane” he spits before letting himself out. 

Toyah does a flit with Toby as Peter attempts to open the door of the car and stop her, but they speed off leaving him alone in the street. 

Peter hits the Rovers demanding a drink. He grabs a bottle of whisky and leaves £20 on the bar. Back at the flat, he eyes up the whisky and considers ringing Toyah, but doesn’t. 

Liz fills Steve in about Peter and the whisky, and he calls to the flat where they talk self-destruction. “I don’t need to lift a finger Steve” Peter says, “I’ve got me very own wrecking ball. Me Dad.” He muses about how Ken has poisoned Simon against him. “I’ll never ever win while he’s around. I’m an inconvenience. After all these years he still treats me like I’m a child” he tells Steve. 

Steve asks why he doesn’t cut ties with Ken, and Peter notes it’s easier to do so when your father’s in prison. Steve has to go look for missing Amy, leaving Peter alone in the flat. Tempted to drink, Peter instead smashes the bottle and moves to go out.

Ken is in his chair listening to music when there's a knock on the door. It’s Sinead who appears to give up and walk away. The back door opens as Ken is midway up the stairs. He calls out, looking towards the kitchen, but proceeds on up.

Toyah and Toby return and fall out when she chooses Peter. Daniel finds Ken at the bottom of the stairs and Phelan standing over him. 

Toyah bumps into Peter leaving the flat all packed up. She notes he’s cut and he says he smashed a glass. Peter sees the ambulance arrive and remarks, quite genuinely, “Where is that stopping?” He then runs over to number one.

As Ken is loaded into the ambulance, a deeply worried Peter asks Daniel if he will pull through. “Yeah, yeah, course he will, he has to” is the reply.

31st of March - four days after the attack

(In Canada,  April 14, 17) Peter admits to Toyah he was running away. She asks why, and he says "I had a million reasons, I got Chloe turning psycho on me, me Dad thought I was having an affair, I’m a rubbish Dad to Simon, I came this close to drinking again. I’m sorry. Listen to poor me. You know what, I’m just as sick of my pathetic excuses as you are.” They reconcile.

So there you have it. 

For my part, Peter has seemed genuinely worried about Ken in the aftermath, and is the glue holding the family together. I just can’t believe, despite some of the things he said, that Ken would have fallen at his hand. He has also been subjected, deservedly or otherwise, to immense distrust and a lack of faith, and I think he was getting out of town because nobody believed him about either Chloe, or his drinking, and he felt there was nothing for him in Weatherfield. I feel the voicemail apology was for letting his son down for the umpteenth time, and the appeal not to believe what anyone might say he’d done related to alcohol and the affair, not for attempting to kill his father. I believe this voicemail was left from the flat, and Peter packed up and was set to depart just as the ambulance was arriving for Ken.

I think he foolishly attempted to destroy evidence of the message for fear people would misinterpret it, which, it appears, is exactly what has happened.

Of course, all of this is complete speculation, I've no idea who attacked Ken, but having looked at all the evidence regarding Peter, I really don't think it was him.

*** update - 24 April***

Big developments in Monday's Corrie saw Peter confess that a row between Chloe and he occurred at the same time as Ken's attack, and she has the injuries to prove it from an accidental fall. However, we've just witnessed his attempt to get her to vouch for him go catastrophically wrong. 

One thing's for sure, somebody's not telling the truth, but I still don't believe he attacked Ken. Is all of this enough to convince you of his innocence?

By Emma Hynes
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Kevin and Erica - Yay or Nay?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog April 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

In the previews for next week's Coronation Street, there's a teaser picture of Kevin and Erica together. I know! Ooh! But what could it mean? (seen in last night's Canadian Corrie)

In the previews it simply says: "In return for her kindness, Kevin gives Erica's car a valet." 

The kindness referred to is when Erica helps Kev out after Kev's card is turned down at Dev's. Dev offers Kev the shopping for free but Kev tells Dev he doesn't want charity.  It's Erica who has a little word with Kev after the incident, and, as the preview above says, she gets a free valet. 

Well, romance has to start somewhere, if indeed it is a romance.  Would you like it to be? 

What do YOU think - Erica and Kevin - Yay or Nay?

I say YAY!

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Conversation Street Podcast 247

Gemma and Michael's podcast for the  episodes that aired up to last night's Canadian Corrie can be heard here.

This week, Ken's woken up from his coma, but, of course, has no idea who's the one that put him there. We're pretty convinced it's Little Miss Moneybags at the moment, but even so, we're absolutely loving the twists and turns the story's taking. What really went on between Peter and Chloe? Why does Ken have a new will? Is Adam's shifty behaviour really just a massive red herring? We don't know all the answers, but we certainly enjoyed speculating! After Street Talk, we tackle some listener questions, with the spotlight falling this time on Phelan and Leanne. In the Kabin, we offer our critique (yes, and it is pretty crtical!) of Will.I.Am's latest music video, filmed in the Rovers, and we end the show with a few of your Barlow-bashing theories in the feedback section.

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Iconic Coronation Street hotel goes up for sale

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog March 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

The Stand Hotel in Blackpool was at the centre of one of Coronation Street's most dramatic storylines  - and it's gone up for sale.

The hotel has its own “blue plaque” outside to commemorate it as the place that Rita Fairclough was staying when evil Alan Bradley came to drag her back to Coronation Street after stealing from her and victimising her.

Famously he chased Rita down the prom but was hit and killed by a tram. The episode in December 1989 was watched by almost 27 million viewers and remains one of the iconic in the programme’s history.

The Strand Hotel's owner Jane Long has put it on the market with a guide price of £825,000. 

Jane told the Blackpool Gazette: “The Coronation Street episode is so well known. We still get people staying here wanting to stay in Rita’s room and we have the memorabilia. The plaque was put on in 2009 and it was unveiled by actor Mark Eden who played Alan Bradley and we raised £1,500 for Donna’s Dreamhouse.

Last summer Alan Bradley’s Coronation Street daughter Jenny came back to Blackpool to visit the place where he died and they filmed a bit outside the hotel.”

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Corrie Canada weekly awards April 17 - 21

Thunderbirds are Go. There you are, Nick, you can be Scott Tracy again!

Family in Crisis award: The Barlows are all going to start in on each other, tearing each other to bits with suspicions, offenses and defences.

Fify Shades of Hypocracy award: Oh. I see. It wasn't ok when Sinead lied to Daniel and called her termination a miscarriage but it IS ok to lie to Ken and say she miscarried?

DIY award: Who knew Adam knows the business end of a hammer? He's finishing off the kitchen at Number 1!

WILLful award: If the new will was dated while Adam was out of the picture, and that was after Ken ordered him out of Weatherfield, it's hardly likely Ken would then make a will and give Adam a larger share and cut Tracy out, is it? Intriguing.

Cool as a Cucumber award: Daniel. He was good under pressure. Loved that he pointed out the police have decided to find his mother four months after he reported it and hoped that it won't take as long to find out who assaulted his father. Daniel 1 WPD 0.

Pants on Fire award: Daniel was looking at train schedules on his phone after he found out Peter told the family about Denise. Does he actually know or suspect where she is after all and has been lying to everyone?

Upstanding Citizen award: Todd for not deleting the video that proves Phelan's alibi.

Lines of the week:
Peter "I'm just as sick of my pathetic excuses as you are"
Todd "My boyfriend has helped me develop a moral compass and I can't say I'm happy with it"
Daniel about Ken "When has his family ever brought him anything but grief?" (true)
Audrey "He used three cans of hairspray and even then, he was only a light gust away from disaster!"
Maria "A one armed woman in a salon is about as much use as a one legged man in a backside kicking contest"
Audrey "I've broken me humeris" Freddie "There's nothing funny about that!"
Anna "isn't it nice, eh, when a Family comes together in a crisis" Roy "Let's hope Ken sees it that way" (indeed)

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Coronation Street artist breaks the internet with Ken and Robo-Deirdre

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog March 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Well, this picture seems to have broken the internet in the last few hours. 

It's by Jimll Paint It who paints pictures on request of his follows.  Of today's image he says:
"It's the year 3998. Everybody else in the world is dead, except for Ken Barlow and his creation Robo-Deirdre 4000 - Requested by Alex Leam"

Jim's no stranger to painting Coronation Street fan scenes.  Have a look at some of these wacky Coronation Street paintings on his Tumblr account.

Jimll Paint It is on twitter at and Facebook

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Coronation Street Blog Interview: Veronica Doran

(This post was originally posted by GraemeN on the Coronation Street Blog in March 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Veronica Doran spent eighteen months in the early 1980s playing Marion Willis in Coronation Street. Originally appearing as "Stardust Lil" a lady binman Eddie Yeats meets over the CB radio (which was all the rage at the time) they eventually met up and fell in love. Over the course of her time in the show, Veronica worked closely with legendary actors Geoffrey Hughes, Jean Alexander and Pat Phoenix.

I was attending a performance of Fenella Fielding's memoirs (she of Carry On Screaming fame) and I spotted Veronica at the party afterwards. I then contacted Fenella's friend and event organiser Simon McKay and it turned out Fenella and Veronica have been good friends since they worked together in the theatre in the 1980s. I was thrilled when Veronica agreed to an interview on her time in Corrie. And here's what she had to say..

First of all I'd love to know more about why and how you became an actor.

It was natural progression really. When I was 13yrs. to15yrs. old I was in a professional children's show "The Blackpool Tower Children's Ballet". When I left the show I wanted to be a comedienne and do the kind of work that Dora Bryan did. When I was 17 year old I went into Rep. at St Anne's on-Sea and that was the beginning of my acting.

Can you tell me more about how you came to be cast as Marion in Coronation Street?

My agent had a call from Granada TV. I read for the director and the casting director. Whilst I was waiting downstairs for my taxi to take me back to Piccadilly Station, the director and casting director came out of a lift, walked over to me, handed me a script and said "Something to read on the way home. You've got the part!”


Marion was quite a strong young woman I think. Did you enjoy playing her and if so, what did you like most about her?

Marion was very strong, patient, thoughtful and a little reserved I liked her a lot.

What was it like to work at the legendary Granada Studios back in the early 1980s?

It was terrific working at Granada in the 80's. We had a very big rehearsal room, two Green Rooms, one of which was a card players room. We had some very serious bridge players in those days.

You worked most closely with the late Geoffrey Hughes who played Eddie. What was he like to work with?

Geoffrey Hughes was very good to work with but, he could not think of enough things to make me laugh and when I go I go. Much to his delight!


In the early 1980s Coronation Street would still have rehearsal days. I've read that they could be quite daunting to be a part of - how did you find them?

I used to get nervous when I first started but, after a while you didn't have time to get daunted. We only had two days rehearsal and one technical run and that was for the cameras.

When you appeared in Coronation Street, many of the real legends of the series were still with the show. What are your memories of working with Pat Phoenix who played your landlady, Elsie Tanner?

I have many, many happy memories of Pat Phoenix. She was a lovely woman. Very kind with a big heart and she couldn't wait to help. After we both left the Street we stayed closely in touch. Right to the end and I miss her still.

One of my favourite Corrie actors from that era was Cheryl Murray who played Suzie Birchall. You worked with her when she returned to the show in 1983. What was she liked to work with?

Cheryl Murray came back to Coronation Street for six months while I was there. Her character Suzie Birchhall moved back into Elsie’s and the three of us worked very well together.


You also worked a great deal with that wonderful double act of Bernard Youens and Jean Alexander as Stan and Hilda Ogden. How did you find working with those actors?

When I first went into Coronation Street I used to go into the rehearsal room to watch Bernard Youens and Jean Alexander run their scenes. Their timing was wonderful, especially Jean. That comedy is either in you or it's not. You can develop it but you can't learn it.

Marion was written out when Geoffrey Hughes decided to leave the programme. Would you have liked to have stayed in the role longer or were you glad to do other work?

I would have loved to have stayed in the show longer but, Geoffrey wanted to leave. So it was decided to marry us and of course Marion was pregnant and send us to live with her mother in Bury. But then I went off to do a lot of other work. So that was great.

If you had to choose a favourite role, whether it be on stage or screen, what would it be and why?

There is no longer one particular part I burn to play. But there are still lots of people I should like to play.

Finally, what's next for you?

Although I have never left the business. I cared for my mother for a while. After she died I did several filmed interviews about various things. But the job I enjoyed most was celebrating my friend Fenella Fielding’s birthday on her radio show. It was a good party!

I'd like to thank Veronica for answering my questions on her time in Corrie and sharing so many fond memories. Thanks also to Simon for helping to set up the interview.

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Tvor @tvordlj on Twitter
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